Thanks to the constant care Poloplast obtains for the third consecutive year, BRC/IOP and ISO9001:2008 certifications. The most important change concern our new headquarters situated in S. Stino di Livenza. The compliance of this new building to the highest standards of hygiene and safety permitted us to obtain immediately these important certificates.

On September, 29, 2016, DNV - one of the leading certification authority in the world - has grant to our company BRC/IOP and ISO9001:2008 certifications, certifying the compliance of Poloplast srl to the international standards of hygiene and safety.
This award represent an essential aim in our path, constantly full of achievements. We can mention for example the extension of the operative and sales areas with the purchase of the new headquarters, immediately certificates with GRADE AA and the confirmation of excellence also for our operative plant situated in Motta di Livenza.

Poloplast is a guarantee for the customer which are sure to be in contact with a well-known and competent company which is constantly growing. Poloplast is the first manufacturer of plastic food packaging which produce exclusively in Italy and that is the first that has achieved the two certifications.

To know more...

What is it?

The BRC/IOP standard has the aim to give guarantee on hygiene and health security of the material that come into contact with food. This standard is private and developed by BRC -British Retail Consortium- with the partnership of IOP -Institute Of Packaging- and is addressed to manufacturer of material which come into contact with food MCA and to users of packaging intended for food contact.

When a company decides to obtain this certification, it is submitted to a general control of the environment, productive process, personnel and products.

The final purpose of this certification is to guarantee that the materials used for the packaging of the products meet the hygiene and safety requirements.

How ?

The BRC/Iop Standard, requires compliance with strict parameters, then the company must:

  1. Implement a system of management and risk analysis;
  2. Involve with responsability the direction;
  3. Implement a system of quality management;
  4. Check the suitability of the structural and hygienical parameters of the place;
  5. Check the products and the procedures;
  6. Forsee appropriate training and attention on the hygienic aspects from the staff.

Buy Poloplast, support the real Made in Italy!

Give the correct value to the commitment to excellence!

Anything that is precious has born from a long story, often upward and almost invisible. Our story has made from tests, fixed checks and safety. If the material which is connected with food has been treated in a wrong way, it could transfer some elements into foodstuffs infecting that food and seriously damaging human health.

For this reason into Europen Community must exist some rules regulating hygenical procedures for Materials and Object Connected with Food.

Product safety has guarenteed from a group of rules which ensures human consumption conformity. The rules on penalties about obligations infringement which has been established from this settlement have been introduced from the Legislative Decree n.29 dated 10/02/20017.

Poloplast is at the forefront on this theme.

The company shall submit to thorough checks every year in order to obtain two of the most important world certification in relation to safety and hygene : BRC Packaging and ISO9001 :2015. In addition to several tests, our company must stricly control raw materials and asses every step from production , everyday.

At first sight, picking two identical products, one of which is safety and the other is not standard and damaging they result the same and not distinguishable : you know what you eat, but do you know how?

A 100% safety food is not enough : what is necessary is a 100% safety box.

Poloplast want to make the difference. This choice will be finally visible with this logo ensuring our products 100% safety.

Anything that has value has also a cost, but this cost is smiling.

Protect your health and that of your customers. 

Legal head office

Santo Stino di Livenza, via Sandro Pertini 1 (VE) 30029
obtained BRC/IOP ed. 07/2015 dated 29/09/2016 certifications:
judgment "GRADE AA"


Local Unit

Motta di Livenza, via Campania 1 (TV) 31045
obtained BRC/IOP ed. 07/2015 dated 30/09/2016 certifications:
judgment "GRADE AA"