Thanks to its constant commitment, Poloplast obtains also for 2023 the BRC PACKAGING - GRADE AA+ and ISO9001: 2015 certifications. A responsibility that we have been carrying forward since 2013.

Poloplast is synonymous with guarantee for the Customer who is sure to be in contact with a well-known and competent company that is constantly growing. Poloplast is the first manufacturer of plastic food packaging who produce exclusively in Italy and who has achieved the two certifications.

What is BRC PACKAGING certification?

The BRC PACKAGING standard has the aim to give guarantee on hygiene and health security for the materials coming in contact with food. It is private and developed by BRC -British Retail Consortium- with the partnership of IOP -Institute Of Packaging- and is addressed to: manufacturer of material in contact with food MCA and to users of packaging intended for food contact.

You know what you eat, but what do you eat with?

Everything that is precious comes from a long history, often uphill and mostly invisible. Our story is made of tests, fixed checks and safety.

If the material coming in contact with food has been treated in a wrong way, it could affect food and seriously damage human health.

For this reason, within the European Community there are rules governing the hygienic regulation of the MOCA: Food Contact Materials and Objects. The safety of these products is guaranteed by a set of regulations that ensure compliance with food use. The new legislative decree, n. 29 of 10/02/2017, introduces the sanctioning for the violation of the obligations established by these regulations.

A 100% safety food is not enough: what is necessary is a 100% safe container.

Poloplast chooses to make the difference. With this logo, we finally make our commitment visible and we guarantee 100% safe products. Everything that is worth has a cost, but it is a cost with a smile.

Certificated compostable packaging

Poloplast has obtained the certifications Seedling and OK Compost, released by the certification organization TÜV Austria, for the sale of compostable articles recognized at European level.

You can download the certifications directly from the page of the articles OK Compost.

A transparent, diligent company

In 2021, Poloplast has obtained from the Guarantor Authority of Competition and Market, the Rating of Legality with the score of ★++. An important recognition for the company, which has the transparency of the service and the clearness of its conditions as one of the main objectives.

The rating of Legality represents an instrument for the promotion of the ethical principles into the business activities, through the appointment of a score attributed on basis of the respect of legality standards and, more in general, of attention degree in the correct management of the business.