Round and concave shape, the new reusable Pinco and Panco spoons! With these spoons you are sure to make the right choice!

Both spoons have been certified up to 125 washings at 65°C according to UNI EN 12875-1:2005 and UNI EN 12785-2:2002.
They also comply with the UNI EN13429:2005 standard that specifies the requirements for packaging to be classified as reusable.

Made of plastic, they are completely reusable once washed. Indispensable for eating ice cream, savouring a good fruit salad or dessert.

They are perfect for every occasion and situation: milkshakes, cakes, desserts, jellies, yoghurt and much more. The high quality material makes them less susceptible to breakage and bending!

Both sets are available in 4 different colour scales giving an extra touch to your fresh creations!

  • Pinco: 11.5 cm sized spoon, suitable for small and medium-sized ice cream cups.
  • Panco: the largest version with a length of 15 cm, perfect for larger cups.


Thanks to their reusable characteristics, once used they can be collected separately in special containers, allowing them to be sanitised and completely reused.

And what are the benefits?
Less single-use plastic in the environment and a circular flow that reduces your costs in the long run.

in order to purchase reusable Pinco and Panco spoons, you will have to sign the reuse flow acceptance at the time of offer, unless you have already done so. This is because, according to the regulations, being reusable products you have to implement a correct flow of use, reconditioning and reuse of the product.