How do you create custom graphics from scratch?

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1. Quotation

You can send a customisation request by clicking the button below:

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2. Graphic Design

We take on the project according to your needs

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3. Payment

We will ask you to pay 50% of an advance as a guarantee

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4. Production

Once the design is defined and confirmed, we move on to the printing, production, die-cutting and quality control phase

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5. Delivery

The order is ready to be shipped

Examples of customisation

See examples of how our customers use customised paper cups and glasses

Which formats can you customise?


Capacity Size Carton Qty Ctn/Pallet Material
80 cc Ø6,42 h4cm 2970pcs (54x55pcs) 16 PAP-PE
90 cc Ø7,3 h4cm 2280pcs (40x57pcs) 16 PAP-PE
120 cc Ø7,3 h4,7cm 2280pcs (40x57pcs) 16 PAP-PE
170 cc Ø8,5 h4,5cm 1568pcs (28x56pcs) 16 PAP-PE
190 cc Ø8,5 h5cm 1540pcs (28x55pcs) 16 PAP-PE
250 cc Ø9,4 h5,5cm 1296pcs (24x54pcs) 16 PAP-PE
290 cc Ø9,4 h6,4cm 1320pcs (24x55pcs) 16 PAP-PE
370 cc Ø10,3 h6,4cm 1188pcs (22x54pcs) 16 PAP-PE
500 cc Ø10,3 h8,5cm 950pcs (19x50pcs) 16 PAP-PE
530 cc Ø11,6 h7cm 600pcs (15x40pcs) 16 PAP-PE

Poke Bowl Salad Bowl

Capacity Size Carton Qty Ctn/Pallet Material
750cc Ø15 h6cm 400pcs (8x50pcs) 16 PAP-PE
1000cc Ø15 h7,9cm 400pcs (8x50pcs) 16 PAP-PE


Capacity Size Carton Qty Ctn/Pallet Material
3oz(~89ml) Ø5,6 h5,7cm 2000pcs (20x100pcs) 36 PAP-PE
4oz(~118ml) Ø6,25 h6,25cm 1344pcs (16x84pcs) 36 PAP-PE
7oz(~207ml) Ø7,25 h8,15cm 2000pcs (40x50pcs) 20 PAP-PE
8oz(~237ml) Ø8 h9,1cm 1600pcs (32x50pcs) 20 PAP-PE
12oz(~355ml) Ø8,98 h11,1cm 1600pcs (32x50pcs) 12 PAP-PE
350ml Ø8,6 h12,5cm 1600pcs (32x50pcs) 12 PAP-PE
500ml Ø8,6 h15cm 1400pcs (28x50pcs) 12 PAP-PE

Why rely on us at Polo Plast?


Direct producers

We operate entirely in Italy

Cutting-edge technology

We use latest machinery and constantly invest in research and development


Safe materials and products

We only use paper and water-based colours safe for food contact

Graphic service

We employ a professional design team with years of experience in the field


What labelling is compulsory in paper packaging?

From July 2021, the single-use plastics directive (2019/904) requires mandatory printing of a standard marking and the language of the country where the product is used for PE- or PLA-coated disposable cups

The Italian regulation requires mandatory printing on all packaging, including food packaging, of the labelling shown here. This is an obligation only for the Italian state. Nevertheless, we have decided to include this labelling also on products destined for foreign countries.

Would you like to request a customisation?

We just need a little more information about you and the project you have in mind. We take care of the rest!

Click below and start now.

Need more information?

Please consult the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section if you have any questions.

Timing and costs

It depends on the number and difficulty of the requests. Usually, if the idea concerns the realisation of a graphics from scratch we do not exceed a couple of weeks. If, on the other hand, you only wish to make a few changes or adaptations we can also realise them in a few days.

The minimum quantity for customisation is 5,000 pieces.

The total cost is variable. It depends on the complexity of the request (e.g. creation of a logo from scratch or realisation of adaptations). For a price list, please contact our customer service without obligation. customer service.

Yes, you can send your order H24, 7 days a week. It is important for you to bear in mind that we adopt a production calendar for articles with different dates defined according to the size of the products. Consequently, we ask you to take advantage of this in good time should you decide to customise the graphics

The first contact will be within 24 working hours. The project lead time varies depending on the complexity of the request.

Design and printing

Customising the graphics leads to several advantages. You will have a unique style that best represents you and the cost of the initial installation will only be due the first time.

You can use as many colours as you wish, there are no limits.

No, the price does not change depending on the number of colours chosen.

You can send us vector files (ai, vector pdf, eps, svg). Failing that, we also accept non-vector formats (e.g. jpg, png) or even physical samples. The cost varies depending on the format sent. To consult the price list, please contact our customer service without obligation.

A vector file is a digital design whose paths can be modified without any loss of quality. For this reason, it is ideal for printing logos or illustrations.

Full-round printing is provided for the logo and there are no positioning limits.

Yes, we can send you one of our templates on which you can place your own vector graphics. The important thing is that the file is saved in CMYK, the fonts are converted to paths and the images are embedded directly into the file and not inserted as links.

Technical properties

We only use paper suitable for food contact. The colours are water-based and also safe for food contact.

Yes, our products are Made in Italy. We manufacture in our factory in San Stino di Livenza (VE).

Yes, most of our cups have several matching lids to choose from.

No, the paper does not contain BPA. We evaluate our products through target-untarget sensory screening.

The paper supports a maximum temperature of 70° degrees with subsequent cooling to room temperature. If you have already purchased from us, please see all information in the Declaration of Food Conformity. Don't have this documentation? Request it by sending us an e-mail to

Paper products are made of coated paper to support liquids. Available coatings are PE (polythene) and PLA (a polylactic acid of vegetable origin).


We will support you from A to Z. We will take care of graphics, production and shipping to your desired location.

If you prefer, you can collect your order by a means of transportation of your choice.