Do you know our CAÌGO spoons? Durable and plastic-free!

The CAÌGO technology makes the spoon rigid and at the same time water-repellent, as if it were made of plastic. These spoons comply with the EU directive 2019/904 on SUP (Single Use Plastic) helping to reduce the impact of plastic products on the environment.

But why choose CAÌGO spoons?

  • Water repellency: they do not fear wet food,

  • Resistance: the rigidity of the cardboard makes them very durable,

  • Design and functionality: rediscover the traditional designs of the most popular Polo Plast spoons while enjoying the benefits of CAÌGO technology.

When you choose CAÌGO technology you choose Made in Italy, safety, quality and innovation.

Eight possible traditional designs ranging from the smallest spoons such as Ciro and Texas, to the more versatile ones such as Miami, Due32 et Due32CURVY to the larger ones such as Do, Re and Mi. Same shapes and practicality of use but with new technology.

A wide variety of spoons for your creations. Choose the one that best suits your style and surprise your customers with a plastic-free choice.